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This section highlights upcoming training webinars that we are hosting.

Also, feel free to contact us using email address: training@applied-concepts.net

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We have created several self-paced training videos to help you get started on various products.

Please feel free to watch these and send us an email to learn more by emailing us using: training@applied-concepts.net

Self-Paced Training Videos

    Getting Started Using Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning

    Getting Started Using Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance

    Getting Started Using Cisco Prime Collaboration Analytics

    Cisco Network Services Manager-Overview

    Cisco Network Services Manager-System Administration

    Cisco Network Services Manager-API

    Cisco Prime IPNGN-Overview

    Cisco Prime IPNGN-Use Case (Provisioning Network Services)

    Cisco Prime Central-Overview

    Cisco Prime Central-Fault Management / Common Inventory

    Cisco Prime Central-User Management

    Cisco Prime Central-NorthBound Interface

    Cisco Prime Central-Installation and System Administration

    Overview of Cisco Access Control System (ACS) v5 Rules