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Founded in 1992 and headquartered in the San Francisco bay area, Applied Concepts is a groups of elite professionals dedicated to providing value-added network management services for corporate networks worldwide.  Our consultants have been in the trenches and have a diverse range of expertise.

Applied Concepts can help you with their Customer Care Programs by providing these services:

- Installation Services
- Architectural Design Services
- Configuration Services
- Customization
- Integration Services
- Training (On-site)

Evaluating all the network management products now available within Cisco's portfolio can be a daunting task.   Once you've realized which products you need, deploying them in a distributed architecture and integrating them with other network management products can also be a challenge.

Let us help get you Jump-Started today!                                        
Applied Concepts is Cisco's network management subject matter experts.    Our team works closely with the Cisco Cloud and Systems Management Group (formerly the Network Management Technology Group (NMTG))  to stay up-to-update by developing best practices, training content, tutorials, and more.

-Installation Services
-Architectural Design Services
-Configuration Services
-Integration Services
-Training (On-site)

Enterprise Management & Performance Monitoring

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure (formerly LAN Management Solution or LMS)
  • Cisco Prime Network Analysis Modules (NAM)

Collaboration and Unified Communications Management

  • Cisco Prime Collaboration - Assurance (formerly Operations Manager / Service Monitor)
  • Cisco 1040 Sensors 
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration - Provisioning (formerly Provisioning Manager) 
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration - Analytics (formerly Service Statistics Manager) 

Carrier Management (IPNGN / Data Center / Mobility)

  • Cisco Prime Central
  • Cisco Prime Network (formerly Cisco Active Network Abstraction or ANA)
  • Cisco Prime Performance
  • Cisco Prime Provisioning (formerly Fulfillment / ISC)
  • Cisco Prime Optical (formerly CTM)

Secure Access Control

  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS v4.x)
  • Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS v5.x)
  • Cisco NAC Appliance
  • Cisco NAC Guest Server
  • Cisco NAC Profiler

and more ....

nGenius Performance Management Solutions 

  • nGenius Performance Manager
  • nGenius Probes (LAN /WAN)
  • nGenius Flow Recorder
  • nGenius Flow Collector
  • nGenius Integrators
  • MasterCare Support

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